WithWild Fiordland Wapiti Mince Taco

WithWild Fiordland Wapiti Mince Taco

Feeds 4 hungry humans, cook time of 30 minutes, drink with a cold beer or citrus margh


400g WithWild Wapiti mince
Corn tortillas 1 pack or 12 ( hands down or tio pablo)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp chipotle salt (or chili flakes)
½ tsp Balck pepper
2 / 3 squares 70% dark chocolate
Kale good bunch
2 Lemons
Extra virgin olive oil
Sour cream
Hot sauce of your choice (we love the Apostle spicy smoked BBQ)

This is a great meal to have all the components on the table and everyone can assemble. Serve with a bean and or rice dish and make it a meal.


Thoroughly wash the kale, spin dry then remove the stem and rip into small pieces. Place in a bowl with a glug of virgin olive oil and massage thoroughly to break down the fibers then squeeze in the juice of half a lemon.

In a heavy based pan on a high heat add a pinch of flakey salt and a glug of olive oil then begin to brown the wapiti mince heavily.

Once evenly caramelized add a dusting of cinnamon (1 tsp) a generous few pinches of chipotle salt and some coarsely cracked black pepper, cook for a further minute then remove from the heat. Fold through the dark chocolate.

Reheat the tortilla’s over a dry cast iron on both sides then wrap in a folded tea towel ready to serve.


Smear the bottom of the tortilla with the sour cream, add a spoonful of the kale salad then a generous spoonful or two of the mince.
Squeeze a drizzle of fresh lemon juice on top then a dash of you favorite hot sauce for a kick or keep it natural.