Our Mission

Brings you premium products from nature, sourced from a place of raw purity, Te Waipounamu New Zealand.

Every year, wild animals across Aotearoa are controlled as part of conservation efforts to protect our precious flora, fauna and ecosystems. The management of these introduced species helps our native birds including Kiwi, Kea, Kaka, Weka and Whio.

We choose to honour and respect these free-roaming animals by acknowledging
them as a valuable food resource.

We believe that the purest food is found in the wild. And we believe that when we work together to maintain the balance of nature, we can protect our wild environments for generations to come.

For us, these things are not only possible, but necessary. That’s why we give back to the organisations that maintain and preserve New Zealand’s national parks.

Our philosophy is simple. We can’t tame nature. Instead, we work with it.